Friday, July 23, 2010

The Hungry Hippo meets Dada

Ron and i agreed to have lunch together. we met around 11am in front of my office then we went straight to RCBC. We were undecided where and what to eat, we took a stroll and see what might tickle our taste buds. While walking, I said to myself that I don’t want to eat rice since I still have a packed lunch waiting for me at the office - ahahaha.

Then we saw Hungry Hippo!! We both love burgers (it reminds me of Pao’s post) and Ron loves mayo - unlimited mayo to be exact ^_^ - so we decided to dine there.

I ordered Burger and Egg while he had Chicken Bacon Melt. Hungry Hippo is way cheaper compared to the other burger joints we’ve been to, thus we are not expecting any fancy taste or whatsoever, but surprisingly, it turned out they have a very tasteful burger. I enjoyed every bite and the fries we’re perfectly cook - at least for me.


I’m officially adding Hungry Hippo to my list of fave burger joint!

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